Feliz día de la Independencia de México (2012) | ¡Viva México!


radboyraffl replied to your post “Happy Independence Day to my Mexican homies idk where y’all are at but…”

do you remember our mexican hockey team, i want that to be real

yes!!! we have to come through with that :)

Happy Independence Day to my Mexican homies idk where y’all are at but I love you


Septiembre 2014 / México City

September 16th

¡Feliz Día de la Independencia! / Happy Mexican Independence Day!

September 13th ‘14

(Captain) is a big responsibility, too. It’s not just about on the ice but how you carry yourself off of it and represent the organization.” [x]


at the function like..


there is a very heavy anti-seguin sentiment on this blog here but i just want to say that we all know that players don’t particularly enjoy events like signings and public appearances but seguin puts in an effort to have a good time with it and he always looks like hes enjoying himself which makes it a more enjoyable experience for those around him and i think thats super rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for putting good vibes into the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!! good work seggo!!!!!!! 


You’ve angered the wrong fandom pal, we have gifs of Doctor Who looking cross and we’re not afraid to post them!

Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid (September 13, 2014) | Ronaldo 26’ p